A Man Called John Lewis Stars in Twitter UK's Christmas Advert

By Tom Pritchard on at

Christmas means a lot of things to a lot of people. Things like weird food, spending too much money, and, of course, the adverts that are in a never-ending war to try and make people cry the most. John Lewis is the one that seems to have started this trend, and now Twitter has released an advert poking fun at it all. Plus how people don't check Twitter handles before they post.

You see the person who owns the handle @JohnLewis is not the retailer, which goes by @jlandpartners on the microblogging social network. Instead it's some guy called John Lewis who lives in the US state of Virginia. He's a computer science professor, apparently, and has used his bio to remind everyone that he is "not a retail store". If you think about it he's the perfect person to put in a competing Christmas advert.

Apparently Lewis gets around 50,000 tweets a year meant for the retailer, and as the ad shows his Twitter account is mostly him responding to people who got them mixed up - tagging in the right John Lewis each time. Scroll a bit further down, around the time John Lewis's Elton John advert arrived and you can see him talking to a bunch of people making fun of the accidental tagging... by tagging him themselves. At least Elton John got in on the action.

Now we just need to work out why Twitter needs to advertise, especially since it's not supposed to be making much money. [The Guardian]