A V10 Designed for Kids is the Only Affordable Way to Buy a Dyson

By Tom Pritchard on at

Dyson vacuum cleaners are, by all accounts, pretty great at what they do. They suck, but in the only good way we're allowed to talk. Assuming we want to avoid being on the receiving end of some stern words from someone in management. The problem is Dyson knows they're good, and charges a goddamn fortune as a result. Well lucky for you there is an affordable way to get one, but the downside is it's a toy vacuum made for children.

I say toy, because that's only half true. This vacuum actually works, and is designed to suck up bits of fluff and dust from the floor. It's a V10-shaped dustbster, essentially, or whatever it is those are officially called these days, which is reflected in the £22 pricetag. Still that's a darn sight cheaper than some of the other dustbusters they sell on Amazon, and it has the added benefit of teaching your kids to pull their weight from an early age by tricking them into thinking cleaning is fun.

Obviously it's much smaller than the real thing, and doesn't hold nearly as much stuff, and the description claims that the sounds and cyclone action are"simulated". In other words it doesn't have the same suction power as a proper Dyson, but at this price you can hardly expect it to work miracles.

If you want one for yourself I've found it for sale at popular retailers like Very and Littlewoods, both of which are out of stock. It's also available at The Entertainer, though you'll have to pay for the privilege of having it delivered to your house. Click & Collect is free, provided you remember The Entertainer is closed on Sunday. There's also an older model available, which is slightly cheaper and modelled after one of the company's ball vacuum cleaners. [The Sun]