Adidas Has Made A Shoe For Every Tube Line

By Holly Brockwell on at

Adidas loves its trainer collaborations, and despite having done one with Transport for London just a month ago to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the Oyster card, they've somehow prepared another entire line of tube shoes.

This one includes a shoe for every underground line, and ones for the Elizabeth Line (aka Crossrail) too.

However, like the last lot, and like the weaksauce Game of Thrones collab they did recently, the new tube trainers are really subtle. Too subtle. We genuinely don't get the point of making things like this unless it's obvious to other people what the design is supposed to represent. Sure, YOU know you're wearing Hammersmith and City Line kicks on the Jubilee line (lol bants) but no one else does, they just look like trainers.

For some reason, a lot of the pairs are made up of two lines, one shoe for each – and the pairs make pretty much no sense.

We've got the Northern and Hammersmith & City lines together on Continental 80s, £74.95:

(Told you they were subtle).

The Central and Bakerloo on Continental 80s, £74.95:

The Circle and Met lines (this pairing at least makes sense) on, you guessed it, Continental 80s for £74.95:

The District and Elizabeth line (?!) on Continental 80s, £74.95:

The Piccadilly and Jubilee on Continental 80s, £74.95:

The Victoria and Waterloo & City lines (OK seriously, what is UP with these pairings?) on Continental 80s, £74.95:

And then no less than three designs for nobody's favourite, the Elizabeth Line.

Sambarose, £74.95:

Gazelle, £74.95:

And Stan Smith, £74.95:

Unlike the last lot, you don't get a free Oyster card to the value of the shoes with the purchase, so you really are paying £75 to have incredibly subtle tube trainers.

They're out on the 10th of December.