Amazon's Condom Deal Is Officially The Biggest Ever Saving On Black Friday

By Holly Brockwell on at

Amazon were the big proponents of Black Friday in the UK, and now they've officially claimed the Gizmodo UK title for the Best Black Friday Deal of All Time.

This'll be a tough one to beat, believe us.

How so? Well, they've announced a deal on a pack of 40 Durex condoms (brilliantly called the 'Surprise Me Variety Pack') that will save you literally thousands.

The list price for the condoms is £18.81, but you can save 31% and get them for £12.99. Not so remarkable, until you consider that taking advantage of this deal may well lead someone to use a condom where they wouldn't have otherwise (by having a stash available in their bedside drawer, for instance) and save them the entire cost of raising a child.


Exactly how much do savvy shoppers stand to save? Well, according to Loughborough Uni's figures for 2018, it'll cost you £150,753 if you're raising the kid as a couple, and a stonking £183,335 if you're raising the nipper on your own.

Even taking the lower figure, we think other retailers will have a tough time saving you more than £150,000 on Black Friday. And that's without considering the other benefits: no ocean of gaudy plastic crap on the floor waiting to break your bare feet, no screaming when you're trying to listen to PMQs, no fake-nice self-identified 'yummy mummies' looking you up and down at the school gate.

The condoms also 'smell better' (than what?!), which is nice, we guess.

The pack includes 10 Thin Feel, 10 Extra Safe, 10 'Tickle Me' (ew) and 10 Pleasure Me (shouldn't you be doing that anyway?) varieties, and with the deal works out to 32p a condom.

32p to save over £100k? We'll take Black Friday over Mothers' Day any day.