Amazon Has Knocked £70 Off the OnePlus 6 Ready for Black Friday

By Tom Pritchard on at

OnePlus may be focusing on selling you the brand new OnePlus 6T and its fancy magic in-display fingerprint sensor, but the OnePlus 6 is still out there. If you ignore the different fingerprint scanners then both phones are essentially the same, so there are plenty of reasons why you might want to pick the six month old phone instead. Especially now Amazon has knocked £70 off the pricetag.

That reduction applies to all OnePlus 6 devices, of all colours and hardware specs, meaning you can get the phone for as little as £399. Likewise the priciest version of the phone is only £499, which is half the price of the base-level iPhone XS.

Amazon has also confirmed you can buy a discounted OnePlus 6 in person at its Black Friday pop-up in Shoreditch, just in case you don't like the convenience of having something delivered to your front door. Though I suppose it'll be faster to pick up on up in person if you're nearby and don't have Amazon Prime. The retailer will also be demoing the OnePlus 6T in the house, and has two of the phones to give away to competition winners. You can't get that online.

Sadly these deals do not apply to the OnePlus 6T. That's still full price, and likely isn't going to be getting a price cut anytime soon. It's not even been out a month, so it's not like we were expecting one anyway. If you want one you'll have to pay the full amount or try your luck.