Amazon's First Toy Catalogue Has No Prices

By Holly Brockwell on at

We might not be ready, but Christmas shopping season is well underway at the big retailers, and Amazon is making a concerted effort to ensure you choose Prime gifts this year.

In the US, the site has sent out its first ever toy catalogue, which is kind of interesting considering that Amazon is one of the main sites that marked the shift from physical things like shops and catalogues to websites. Evidently, the appeal of things you can actually touch is still strong.

Called 'A Holiday of Play,' the catalogue includes stickers (jealous) and QR codes ('Smilecodes' in Amazon lingo) that can be scanned in the Amazon app to see the product.

Interestingly, though, there are no prices. Engadget theorises that this is because the prices are always changing, but we think it's more strategic than that. If you put the prices right there in the catalogue, there's no incentive for people to scan the code (unless they're ready to buy right that second), and then you have no way of knowing which products resonated the most. Amazon's a digital business, used to instant info on how well everything's performing – we reckon they've intentionally kept the prices out to make sure they still get that precious data.

Overall, the catalogue seems to have gone down well on social media:

Sadly, there's no sign of the catalogue on these shores, although you can take a look at it online here. With the demise of Toys 'R' Us, the UK is surely pretty ripe territory for a toy takeover.

You know what we're saying, Amazon. Give us free stickers. Thank you kindly.