Amazon's Giving Non-Prime Members Free Delivery Until Next Week

By Tom Pritchard on at

The annual pre-Christmas shopping season is over, but now it seems Amazon would like to try and get you to keep buying stuff. It's just kicked off 'Free Delivery Week' for all non-Prime members, letting them take advantage of (you guessed it) free delivery.

You have until 23:59 on 5th December to take advantage of this offer, which scraps the minimum delivery numbers when you enter the FREEDELIVERY code before you checkout. Be aware, though, that it only applies to orders that come from Amazon warehouses. Anything listed as 'dispatched' or 'fulfilled' by Amazon, basically. So those extra-cheap toothbrush heads are still going to cost £1.50 to delivery.

It's not clear what this means for those annoying 'add-on' items either. Since Amazon hasn't said we'll have to assume that you'll only be able to get those if you buy something else. Assuming you don't use a workaround. It definitely does not include Prime Now or Amazon Fresh deliveries, nor will it work on international Amazon sites. So no ordering cheap cheese from to stock up for the Brexit food riots.

At least the code isn't a one time thing, so you can order as much as you like between now and next Wednesday without having to worry about pesky charges.

Plus, even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, there are still deals to be had. Make sure to head over to Amazon and see if there's anything you can pick up for Granddad's stocking on the cheap.