Animal Rights Activists Angry That There's a Place Called Wool

By Gary Cutlack on at

The constant worriers at animal rights pressure group PETA have run out of things to be angry about, as they're currently resorting to being angry about the fact that there's a village in Dorset called Wool. And wool requires sheep to be held down and forcibly shaved by angry men in checked shirts, so it is a mild sort of animal cruelty. Although we're pretty sure that farmers shave their sheep not for fashion reasons but to keep them cooler and cleaner in the summer months, so are actually being nice.

Still, PETA has written to Wool's local council, politely requesting that it considers renaming the village to Vegan Wool, claiming in its letter that wool is "stolen from sheep" and that there are plenty of alternative knittable products than can be fabricated into ironic Christmas jumpers without the possibility of a farmer having to wrestle an uncooperative animal to the ground.

While this sounds a bit like it might be a joke designed to send the anti-PC lobby into meltdown and therefore generate masses of publicity for PETA, the actual letter reads very seriously indeed; with PETA saying it has logged plenty of cases of cruelty to sheep on the less animal-friendly farms of the world. The village of Wool has said it will debate the matter at its next meeting, but only after the more important business of bin collection timetabling. [Wool Parish Council via Metro]