Anki's Adorable Robots Are On Black Friday Special Offer

By Holly Brockwell on at

We love Anki's products, so we're excited to see that favourites including the adorable Cozmo robot, the even more adorable Vector robot, and the high-speed racing game Anki Overdrive are all on special offer for Black Friday.

Buying robots for your kids (or yourself, let's be real) can be pretty pricey, so if there's a tech fan in your family, this might be a good time to grab them a Christmas present.

Anki (pronounced like 'wonky' without the W, rather than 'wanky' without one) is basically taking £50 off everything, but there are also vendor-specific deals to be had.

Here's the lowdown.

Anki Cozmo Black Friday deals

Apparently the best-selling toy of 2017, Cozmo has had loads of new features added to his AI repertoire and comes with an easy-to-use coding platform to get your kids into tech.

Cozmo is reduced by £50 from the 23rd to the 27th of November, so he'll be £129.99 instead of £179.99 at Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, Littlewoods, Smyths Toys and You can also get him for the deal price at, where you get free treads (worth £14.99) thrown in.

The deal price includes both the original Cozmo and the new 'Interstellar Blue' version (although you can only get the Limited Edition colour at Argos and

If you buy from John Lewis over the same dates, you'll get a 'Create with Cozmo' coding book free.

Anki Vector Black Friday deals

From our Vector review:

"Anki has done a fantastic job at breathing life into what could have been another boring robot toy. Vector’s movements, sounds, and expressions genuinely draw you in and make you want to interact with the little bot.

The first time it studies your face and says your name will never not be endearing, and I often found myself feeling guilty whenever I had to tell the robot to be quiet or go to sleep while I was trying to work."

If you want one of your own, Vector will be £50 off from the 23rd to the 27th of November, making him £199.99 instead of £249.99. You can get him from, Amazon, Argos, Harrods and John Lewis.

Anki Overdrive Black Friday deals

Dubbed 'Scalextric for the smartphone generation' by our review, Anki Overdrive is a ridiculously advanced racing game that you steer using your phone.

The Overdrive deals are already available, and last until the 27th of November, so you've got a little longer for these ones.

Usually £149.99, Anki's doing £50 off for Black Friday, making the kit a tempting £99.99 (this doesn't include the Fast & Furious version, though). Although obviously once you've got the base kit, you'll probably bankrupt yourself buying extra cars, bits of track and other bobbins like we did.

You can get the deal at, Amazon, Argos, Harrods, John Lewis and Smyths Toys.