Apple is Frustrating the Brexit Preparedness Process

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the myriad Brexit complexities is that of compiling a list of the all the potentially deadly foreign types of people that are living in the country under current EU nomadic human roaming rules, so they can correctly apply for "settled status" in the UK and continue to work and live and enjoy being hated by a small percentage of the population that can't spell their surnames once Brexit locks the gates.

Key to this is a forthcoming government app – because apps can even solve Brexit – designed to streamline the settled status application process for the 3.5m EU citizens currently within the UK. The app will ask users to take a photo, fill in a few details, then tap the NFC device of a smartphone on a biometric passport for additional proof of ID. And that last bit is the problem, as Apple has not yet opened up its NFC equipment to third-party developers.

Hence some poor government people are currently begging Apple to unlock the feature, with the BBC reporting that the Home Secretary Sajid Javid has even paid the tech giant a visit to ask for help. But it won't help. Not even when governments ask. Maybe it would if its special chums in the Irish government asked, though, eh? As a result, Apple users will have to send their passports in for manual verification, unless Apple's locked NFC stance changes. [BBC]