Argos Deploys Army of 'Human Hotspots' to Trains So People Can Shop Black Friday

By Holly Brockwell on at

Argos is really ramping up its efforts to remind everyone it exists this Black Friday. First we had the shopping shower curtain, which definitely wouldn't be used for more adult purposes, and now we have 'human hotspots' helping people on trains do their shopping.

Argos says it'll be deploying a 'Wi-Fi Army' on commuter trains across the UK on Black Friday (23rd November) so people can take advantage of the deals on their way to work. We all know how ropey the signal is on trains in this country, so the WiFi boost will probably be much appreciated regardless of whether people intend to shop.

The army is led by Ant Middleton of SAS: Who Dares Wins on TV. We would strongly recommend Middleton and co remove the bullet belts holding their hotspots before attempting to actually board any trains, lest they alarm our terrorism-tired commuters into calling the British Transport Police, or worse.

Mark Steel, Digital Director at Argos, took a break from buying stuff to comment:

"Black Friday has become a mobile-led event with people wanting the convenience of shopping on-the-go on their phones. But to bag the best bargains you need reliable Wi-Fi, which can be quite a battle.

We’re fighting this problem by deploying an army of ‘Human Hotspots’, trained by ex-SAS hero Ant Middleton. They’ll be out and about across the UK connecting to our customers whilst on their daily commute."

Argos's Black Friday deals are available here.