Artist Jazzes up Edinburgh's Road Signs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Italian artist Clet Abraham is in Edinburgh. The reason we know this is because he's been leaving his little calling cards all over the city's roadside furniture, having all sorts of fun turning white warning rectangles into other things.

He says he's modified around 20 signs in the city's central area, focusing particularly on our classic red and white no-go signs. That's probably a metaphor for something but we haven't looked into it too deeply. The art/vandalism is not political in any way, mind, as he mostly does straightforward positive-thinking imagery, like put flowers on the signs, make little men carry them, and he even did one of a bird pooing on it. That's probably just a joke and not a metaphor, but again, we haven't really thought about it.

Abraham's efforts are not quite of a Banksy level of effort or self-aware profundity, but they are nonetheless cheering the few remaining people in town who don't stomp around only looking at information on their telephones. [BBC]