Asda's Supermassive Mince Pie Crust Can Deflect All Complaints About Sugar and Obesity

By Gary Cutlack on at

Asda is trying to do to the mince pie scene what Cadbury has already done in the chocolate world with its supersized £1 bars that are now apparently the normal amount of chocolate to eat in one go, with the new normal in Asda mince pies this year being a gigantic 435g pie that costs £1.50. It has a lattice pastry topping, though. That shaves off a few carbs. It's practically ketogenic.

It is apparently a "sharing mince pie" as if that would ever happen, as all so-called sharing products only really mean "some for me now, then some to share with the me of 30 minutes' time," although there's probably some psychology in play, in that eating one massive thing doesn't feel quite as bad or gluttonous as eating six small things, even though at only 97p for six small fruit pies, that's going to be the better buy.

The large mince pies launch on November 22 as long as they can get enough raisins in from the suppliers. It's a risky move by Asda, as the government has not yet confirmed that there actually will be a Christmas this year. [Asda via Metro]