5 of the Best Easter Eggs on the OnePlus 6T

By Holly Brockwell on at

We do love a good Easter egg on a new piece of tech, and it seems OnePlus feels the same, because they've included a whole bunch of them on the brand new 6T.

If you've got a 6T, or have one on the way, here's a list of our favourite Easter eggs you'll find on the phone. Got a good one we haven't included? Let us know in the comments.

1. The OnePlus 6T calculator Easter egg

Open the Calculator on the OnePlus 6T and tap 1, then +, then =.

You'll get the brand's famous Never Settle slogan in red in the calculator window.


OnePlus says: "Our strategy is to set a high bar for ourselves, to find the right industry benchmarks within each part of the product, and force ourselves to reach or exceed those benchmarks. This is what we mean with Never Settle."

2. OnePlus 6T Airplane Mode Easter egg

A cute little touch to the UX of OxygenOS: when you use the pulldown shortcut menu to turn on Airplane Mode on the 6T, the little plane takes off when you tap.

When it's time to land and you tap again to turn it off, the little plane lands. Aww.

3. OnePlus 6T fingerprint quick launch

To unlock your OnePlus 6T, you hold your finger on the in-screen fingerprint sensor until it wakes. But keep holding, and you can go directly to a quick launch app of your choice.

Go to Settings > Utilities, then Quick Launch. From there, you can choose the apps you'd like to see in your personal Quick Launch menu.

To launch one, put your finger on the sensor while your phone is asleep, and leave it there. You'll see the icons of the apps you chose to the side of the fingerprint sensor: swipe to the one you want, then remove your finger. Ta-da, straight into WhatsApp, or whatever you fancy.


4. OnePlus 6T unlock animations

There's a choice of three different animations on the fingerprint unlock function of the 6T. To see them all and choose your favourite, open Settings, then Fingerprint.

Under Fingerprint Animation Effect, you can choose from Cosmos, Wave and Stripe, with a little demo on the screen.


As long as your phone's updated to OxygenOS 9.0.5, it'll unlock in 0.34 seconds, so you won't get to see the animation for long!

5. OnePlus Switch

Lots of phone manufacturers have their own apps for helping you make the move from a different device to your new phone. OnePlus has now joined them with the new OnePlus Switch, a "carefully designed tool that migrates all of your data from contacts, messages and photos from your old device straight to your new device."



However, don't be fooled by the Android logo on 'Other' – you CAN use OnePlus Switch to move from an iPhone to a OnePlus. It's in beta at the moment, but there are comprehensive instructions on the OnePlus forums.

Owners of the new 6T get guaranteed OxygenOS updates for two years and security updates for three, so there's plenty of time to get used to all the little extras in the latest version of OnePlus's Android fork.

Spotted any others? Let us know in the comments.