Black Friday Begins at BT, With Early Deals on the Broadband

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's been 'Black Friday' for a good couple of weeks at this point, with every retailer pushing out some sort of deal to get you to spend all your money before the now-annual day of shopping arrives. BT has been slower than some, but has decided getting in early is still a wise move. So it's offering some discounts on broadband, which you can go and take advantage of between now and 26th November,

There are three deals in total, offering discounts on BT's various different product offerings. The main one is the Superfast Fibre Unlimited broadband has dropped from £36 a month down to £30, provided you sign on for an £18 month contract. That saves you £108 over the course of your deal, provided BT doesn't bump up the price mid contract. You sill have to pay a £10 delivery charge too, which is kind of irritating.

On top of this Sky TV customers can save 50 per cent on the cost of adding BT Sport to their TV package, again provided they take out an 18 month contract. But it means you can get extra football for £6 a month instead of £12, which is worth having - assuming your EE phone contract doesn't offer this anyway. BT is also offering the Samsung Galaxy S8 for £15 a month for the first six months of a 24 month contract, with no upfront cost.. It goes back up to £30 a month for the remaining 18 months, but since the upfront charge is £350 you'll save a £140 on what you'd normally pay.

Those are just the early deals, though, with BT promising more of them are on the way. For instance there will be an opportunity to save £208 on the BT Classic Bundle, which offers a free YouView Box and knocks an additional £10 off the activation.

You can check out what's available over on BT's dedicated Black Friday page.