Booze Shop Stockpiles Wine in Case of Brexit Import Crisis

By Gary Cutlack on at

Posh off licence chain Majestic Wine is preparing for the infinite branching possible future Brexit scenarios in the only way it knows how – by stockpiling wine. Stick to what you know and it'll all turn out fine.

In its latest set of financial figures the business says it's preparing for a future in which a sealed-off UK has to subsist on only what we have in our metaphorical national store cupboards, and has to that end bought in one million extra bottles of wine. Obviously it's the European sort of wine that we'll all hypocritically continue drinking in our sad non-EU compliant homes even after giving Europe the finger, as the Majestic warehouse is now overstocked with reserves of nice bottles from France, Spain and Italy.

This involves investing as much as £8m in bottles of sauvignon mange neuf-de-onze and so on, with the MW boss saying it's being done in order to "...mitigate any potential supply chain Brexit disruption in March 2019" and therefore keep people safely drunk and carefree during any possible stressful transition period. [Sky News]