Brexit Lowers Quality of Christmas 2018's Mince Pies

By Gary Cutlack on at

The best behaved and most loyal staff at consumer watchdog Which? have been allowed at the supermarket mince pies again this year, as the annual list of best and worst Christmas treats has been compiled for our benefit and enlightenment.

The arbitrary winner this year is Asda, with the taste testers agreeing that the chain's Extra Special mince pies were indeed worthy of that name and are the best it's possible to find on the tempting aisle-ends of the nation. They are £1.50 for six, mind, which is quite a premium on the normal, non-special ones. Maybe save the posh ones for when you're sober and can do a solitary nod of appreciation before doing it in two bites.

Shamed with offering the worst mince pie of the 2018 season is Waitrose, which charges a bonkers £2.50 for six of its all butter mince pies – which must be a lie as then they would be just round lumps of butter – that were described as being devoid of flavour. How we will laugh at the rich people pretending to enjoy their substandard, costlier treats! We'll be round at Bob Cratchit's, eating the nicer, cheaper ones, with our coats on beside the meagre fire.

There's bad news for mince pie lovers at all price, pasty type and aspiration levels though, as Which? warns that it's seeing less and cheaper ingredients used across the board this year, as the proud pie factories of the land skimp on materials and use Brexit currency fluctuations as an excuse to rob us all of a couple of raisins per mouthful. [Which? via Guardian]