Carphone Warehouse Accused of Ruining Magic of Black Friday

By Gary Cutlack on at

Carphone Warehouse and its subsidiary brand are in the middle of a customer internet criticism whirlwind, after problems with financial systems saw some shoppers refused their Black Friday phone orders.

The problem centred around a credit checking system used by the Vodafone network, as it's a fairly poorly maintained secret that buying a monthly phone contract is basically akin to taking out a loan – therefore it usually requires a credit check to complete. Vodafone's credit checking system failed under the Black Friday surge, leading to some customers being refused credit; and leaving many potential buyers furious that their money-worthiness had been questioned when all they wanted was a Huawei with a non-crippling data allowance for £2.50 a month less than it was last week.

As an additional affront, charges 13p a minute for calls to its call centres to sort out contractual problems, leaving the Black Friday masses doubly furious. Vodafone says the failure hit other resellers of its contracts too, and explained: "The system is now back up and running properly and we are rechecking applications from anyone who has contacted us to query our decision on their application. These customers will still be able to take advantage of our Black Friday offers." [BBC]