Here's How To Use An Amazon Fire HD Tablet As A Cheap Amazon Echo Show

By Holly Brockwell on at

No doubt there'll be offers on the Amazon Echo Show for Black Friday, but if you want to get one for even less, there's now a way to turn an Amazon Fire HD Tablet into a low-budget version of the screen-based Alexa device.

Amazon already brought Show Mode, its software underpinning the functionality of the Echo Show, to the UK earlier this year. Now, you can buy an official Show Mode Charging Dock for the Amazon Fire HD Tablet 8 or 10 to help it stand up on its own as it shows you all the good stuff.

The new docks are available for the 2017 edition of the Fire HD Tablet 10 and both 2017 and 2018 versions of the Fire HD Tablet 8. The dock itself is pretty expensive at £39.99 for the 8 and £49.99 for the 10, but Amazon is doing a bundle for £109.98 for the 16GB and £129.98 for the 32GB, whereas the Echo Show is £219.99.

[caption id="attachment_751195" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Amazon Echo Show[/caption]

The 10-inch bundles are a little pricier: £189.98 for 32GB or £219.98 for the 64GB, the latter of which means you're paying the same as the Echo Show itself, which also has a 10-inch display.

Of course, a Fire HD Tablet plus Show Mode dock doesn't exactly replicate the functionality of the Echo Show: it's missing the impressive speakers on the real thing, so if you're all about audio, you'll want to either connect to a Bluetooth speaker or go for the full Show.

[caption id="attachment_751197" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet[/caption]

The Fire HD Tablet's Show Mode dock isn't quite as slick design-wise as the new Echo Show either, but it does offer a little extra flexibility: it comprises a magnetic case and a stand, and can be tilted to find the best angle for you, which is something the rigid Echo Show can't do.

And of course, you can also still separate the Fire HD Tablet in its case from the stand, and use it as a proper tablet. So it's horses for courses.

Whether you go for the Fire HD dock or the full-fat Echo Show, we'd definitely recommend waiting 'til the Black Friday (23 November) deals are over. Amazon loves to discount its own hardware, and you might be able to swing an even cheaper deal. Keep an eye on our Black Friday hub here for the latest offers. [Techradar]