Council Declares War on Local Imperial Scout Walker

By Gary Cutlack on at

Teignbridge District Council is fighting its own little war against rogue Imperial forces, as it's demanded that a keen Star Wars enthusiast removes a full-size model of an Imperial scout walker from land beside the A38. The Angel of the South West it is not.

The Imperial scout walker is currently loaned to local Paul Parker, after the original builder, Dean Harvey, put 400 hours into welding it together as a den for his kids. They've now grown up and only sit inside playing Fortnite now, so the AT-ST has been passed on to Parker, who decided to put it on display next to the A38 to get people excited about Ashburton. Parker said: "It’s not doing any harm from what I can see but the council says it's a fixed structure and it doesn't have planning permission. I'm going to fight it. I'll put in a retrospective planning application and if that fails I'll make it mobile by putting wheels on it and moving it around."

And there is the problem. If it could walk unaided it would be considered a moveable structure and wouldn't need planning permission, so if anyone fancies helping Paul retrofit some hydraulics in those legs the A38's newest tourist attraction could remain. As it is, he's been given 21 days to remove it or face a fine, some serious letters, or a remote force choke from the leader of Teignbridge District Council. [Devon Live]

Image credit: BBC