Council Rules Santa Must Be a Man

By Gary Cutlack on at

An historic decision has been passed by Great Aycliffe Town Council's Recreation Committee, which has ruled that the role of Santa Claus, who is also known to operate under the street name of Father Christmas and various other international pseudonyms, must always be played by a man.

The ruling came about after a woman volunteered to play the role of Father Christmas as part of Newton Aycliffe's celebratory festive running of Christmas floats, only for uproar about the redefining of the gender of fictional characters to lead to a high-level meeting. We suspect several emails were also sent. A council sub-committee had recommended that a woman be allowed to play the part, only for a full vote of council leaders to declare it a man-only position.

Local councillor Arun Chandran explained: "Children in particular will be expecting a male Santa and it may well reflect badly on this council if we were to deliberately introduce a form of political correctness." [Northern Echo via BBC]

Image credit: Unsplash