Dairy Crest's Cheesy Stink Awakens Cornish Villagers

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Cornish creamery conducting cheese-related dairy business near the Cornish village of Davidstow has been kicking up a literal stink, with residents complaining that some odd nighttime process is making the air smell so bad it's waking them up, making them feel ill, and stopping them getting back to sleep.

Descriptions of the exact nature of the smell vary, with the BBC reporting that some describe it as a "fishy stink," while others say it best resembles a type of "cheesy sewage" aroma. They are not testing out new flavours for Monster Munch, though, as the Environment Agency has said the unique disgusting smell is coming from the plant's waste-water treatment facility. And given it's a dairy producer making thousands of tonnes of the popular Davidstow brand of cheddar each year, we'd be more inclined to believe it's the latter cheesy sewage option.

Andrew McKersie from a local foul stench action group told the BBC: "The worst thing is that we typically seem to get the smell in the middle of the night. We're in bed and suddenly you are woken up by the stink, and then you can't get back to sleep, so you can't sleep properly."

Dairy Crest has been found to be "non-compliant with its environmental permit" by the Environment Agency, and has been told to try to stop stinking out Davidstow with its cheese/fish/sewage outputs. [BBC]