Deliveroo Drivers are Being Turned Into Roving Missing People Adverts

By Tom Pritchard on at

Chances are you've seen at least one missing person advert in your life, or know about the ads they put on milk cartons over in the states. You'll probably be seeing an awful lot more of them in future, especially if you live in London, because charity Missing People has teamed up with Deliveroo to put those adverts onto the company's delivery-people.

The partnership is called 'Ride to Find' and will see 500 Deliveroo riders' backpacks equipped with posters featuring details and photos of missing people. It's pretty genius when you think about it, because how often do you see Deliveroo people out and about? They're all over the place, and that mobility means they can increase the number of people who will be able to see the posters - raising awareness and potentially helping them be reunited with friends and family.

250 of the riders will be based in London, but there will also be riders in Manchester, Birmingham, and Bristol. the 15,000+ fleet will also be encouraged to sign up to receive Child Rescue alerts from Missing People. They notify people when a child in the area is missing and at risk, and again that makes a lot of sense. Deliveroo riders are out and about a lot, so plenty of ground can be covered. They're also not moving as quickly as, say, taxi drivers.

Will Shu, CEO and Deliveroo’s first ever rider said:

“The work that the Missing People charity does is life changing for these families and when we had the opportunity to meet with them, we wanted to help.

Our riders are at the heart of our business and are seen by communities up and down the country as they travel our streets to deliver food, so it’s amazing that our network of riders has volunteered to use our recognisable backpacks to create mobile billboards in support for such an important cause.

We hope that over the holidays, our Ride to Find campaign will help bring missing people home to their friends and family as well as raise awareness and funding for the Missing People charity.”

Jo Youle, CEO at Missing People said:

“We are thrilled to partner with Deliveroo who are supporting Missing People with the forward-thinking and innovative Ride to Find campaign.

Deliveroo will help us to reunite missing people with their families this December and will be able reach people and places Missing People cannot.  Deliveroo will raise awareness with appeals for missing people on rider’s bags.

The money raised by Deliveroo and their customers will help us to continue to search across the UK for missing people and support the estimated 1 million people who are affected by a loved one’s disappearance.

Missing People is the only UK charity dedicated to supporting missing people and their loved ones left behind. For families who have a missing loved one, life can feel like a desperate and unbearable struggle and Christmas is a particularly difficult time. The helpline team and volunteers will be working throughout the Christmas period to make sure that anyone affected by missing receives the emotional support they so desperately need. We hope this fantastic partnership will help us reunite families and loved ones this Christmas.”

Deliveroo customers will also be able to donate to Missing People through the app, and the charity offers 24/7 support for people who have been affected by a disappearance. Call or text 116 000, or email Similarly if anyone has information on any of the campaigns they should get in contact the same way, or phone the police on 101.