Deliveroo Is Doing Turducken Burgers For Thanksgiving

By Holly Brockwell on at

Thanksgiving isn't much of a thing in the UK (mind you, Black Friday didn't used to be either, and now look at us), but Americans and meat fans will no doubt be pleased to hear that Deliveroo's bringing it to Blighty with a turducken burger.

With separate layers of turkey, chicken and duck, the burger will be produced by burger specialists Homeburger and "hidden in plain sight" on a secret menu on the Deliveroo app.

This isn't the first time Deliveroo's done special-occasion treats on a secret menu: there was a Burger & Lobster 'golden claw' option earlier this year, unmeltable chocolate during the heatwave, and edible tennis balls for Wimbledon.

Phil at Homeburger provided this meaty comment:

"Ex-pats and Londoners alike are going to be extra thankful this Thursday after devouring the turducken burger on Deliveroo, this three-bird burger is enough to satisfy even the hungriest pilgrim."

Apparently, the burger will be available to anyone who can order from a Homeburger store on Deliveroo ("while stocks last," of course) and will cost a tenner, or £3.33 per bird.