Delivery Robots Now Available for Stealing in the Streets of Milton Keynes

By Gary Cutlack on at

Starship Technologies says it has launched a fleet of delivery robots in Milton Keynes today, so even though it's probably limited to only half a road and worse then even Yodel or going out and buying something by yourself, we'd better try to believe it's true.

Once signed up to the scheme, for £7.99 a month, you set a bespoke Starship address as your delivery address, then your item is delivered to Starship's depot. Then, it's loaded into one of the wheelie suitcase things and delivered, multiplying the time it takes stuff to arrive; but you can then schedule a specific delivery slot, so it'll arrive later but at a more precise hour.

Maybe we are not understanding something for comic effect like Jeremy Clarkson does, but introducing an additional step in to the delivery chain, and a monthly fee, seems to be a fairly bonkers thing to try to do, plus there's going to be some awkwardness when the pod arrives. Who wants to be the idiot standing outside the front door waiting for their robot delivery unit to trundle down the road, trailed by aggressive, mocking youths, flinging curry sauce and cider at it? [Starship Technologies via Engadget]