Teletext's Beloved 'Digitiser' Is Back As A YouTube Show

By Holly Brockwell on at

Us old'uns who remember when the nearest thing to the internet was a pixelated series of 'pages' on our TVs will be happy to hear that one of the best things on Teletext, Digitiser, is back.

Digitiser was a digital games magazine, which was a wholly new idea then but something we'd these days call 'a website.' It launched in 1993 as "The world's only daily games magazine" and could be found on page 370, originally on ITV but later Channel 4. It closed in 2003 after a lot of wrangles between the writers and the management about obscene jokes and general irreverence.

On its last day, the writers famously used the 'Reveal' button (as they often did for joke purposes) to show an image of "the real Turner The Worm being sick," which is... pretty damn phallic:

(Image: Digitiser2000)

The new YouTube series features the original founder Mr Biffo (Paul Rose), and episode 1 has an appearance by co-founder Tim Moore (Mr Hairs) too. Also featured are Paul Gannon, Larry Bundy Jr, Octav1us and Gameplay Jenny.

In a blog post about the return of the Digitiser brand (although Rose has been blogging under that name for years), Mr Biffo says:

"YouTube requires regular uploads to build an audience, so I'm going to do my best to keep to some sort of regular upload schedule, even after the main series finishes.

We shot an extra two interviews which will air in the weeks following the sixth episode, and we're hoping to do some sort of mini Christmas ep, if we've the time."

So far, only episode 1 is live, but there's a trailer for ep 2:

What do you think of the show – back to the glory days of Teletext humour? No idea what we're talking about? Let us know in the comments (you don't have to send them in the post anymore).