Doctors Ask For Ban on Antibiotics For Sick Piggies

By Gary Cutlack on at

The preventative hosing down of farm animals with antibiotics to improve sausage yield ought to come to an end, say doctors, as delaying the looming antibiotic resistance health apocalypse is a bit more important than making sure everyone has enough bacon for their special weekend, tongue-of-the-dog brunches.

A group of doctors that includes the leaders of the Royal College of Surgeons and the Royal College of Physicians has asked for the limit on farm use of antibiotic products, saying that a total ban on preventive use of all antibiotics for animals is needed to stop resistance building – and potentially being passed on to humans. Because it's really nice being able to stop infections by eating the odd tablet and would be great if this amazing modern salve could continue.

The European parliament is putting such a ban into place by 2022, but, as you may be aware because of all the boring politics news that won't ever stop, we might not be bound by that law soon. Hence professor John Middleton from the Faculty of Public Health warns: "A future world where bugs are all resistant to antibiotics will return us to the dark days of ineffective healthcare and condemn many to early deaths. Animal health and human health must be equally protected to save our antibiotics – that is why we’re making this call on government." [Guardian]