Eccleston Threatened to Sue the BBC Over Doctor Who Exit

By Gary Cutlack on at

Christopher Eccleston is clearly still a bit aggrieved about the way he exited the rebooted Doctor Who at the end of the first run of the renewed show, and he's finally revealed what his beef with the corporation and its showrunners was.

Eccleston's torment was a simple case of the BBC making something up to paper over cracks in the relationship between star and show, as in the immediate days after he left the role Who showrunners issued a statement containing a quote from Eccleston that he never said.

Chris revealed all this on the radio this week, when he told Jo Whiley and Simon Mayo that: "I made an agreement that I would say nothing about my departure, and I honoured that, because I was looking after the production. And then the BBC issued a statement, they put a quote from me that they had written saying why I'd left, because I was tired..."

That fictional quote was the big beef trigger, as Eccleston and his agent thought this made him look like a flaky and easily-exhausted prima donna actor, hence he threatened to sue the BBC and, even after an apology was issued, still gets a bit GRRR on the inside when seeing the BBC logo. [Digital Spy]