Facebook Picks Scapegoat To Testify Instead of Zuckerberg

By Holly Brockwell on at

After repeatedly, pointedly refusing to meet with MPs to talk about the Cambridge Analytica scandal and its privacy policies in general – even by video link – it seems Mark Zuckerberg has picked someone to testify to parliament in his place.

The Suckerberg will be VP of Policy Solutions Richard Allan, who will have to talk to a committee from the department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), plus delegates from a bunch of other countries who are also keen to know WTF Facebook is up to.

It's not all about getting answers, though: Engadget points out that it's a bit of a stunt for some new internet guidelines:

"Allan's testimony will, to some extent, be for show. After his session, representatives from each parliament are poised to sign a collection of "International Principles" for laws governing the internet -- they already have an idea as to what they want, even if it isn't legally binding. However, it won't be surprising if the hearing influences long-term internet policies in the UK and other countries in attendance."

It's really not surprising that Facebook didn't feel like clicking Like on the invitation to Zuckerberg. His previous testimony to Congress was true car-crash TV, like watching a terrified robot go before a court to try to convince us it's human.

Here's hoping Allan is as good at drinking water like a 100% natural human being.