Fake Trump Wall Lego is Your Ironic AND Non-Ironic Christmas Gift

By Gary Cutlack on at

This is bad on so many levels it's very nearly clocked the system and come up as good. It's fake Lego for a start, which is universally appalling. It's also about Trump, which is merely quite SAD, plus it's been created by a pro-Trump organisation that is selling MAGA merchandise to Americans that appeals to both serious Trump fans and the ironic category of Trump haters.

It's the Build the Wall MAGA block building set, which has to be worth the $30 plus $20 shipping cost to get to the UK in time for Christmas – about £40 then – if only to get that bizarre shouting Trump minifig clone. They love him, yet signed that off? It's currently out of stock as might be expected of something that appeals equally to both enthusiasts and haters, with the fairly racist anti-immigrant fan fiction product description not putting many potential buyers off.

As far as we can tell, manufacturer Keep and Bear is indeed doing all of this very seriously from the standpoint of Trump supporters who love their man and want to spread his incoherent word through play, even though some of its Donald merchandise – like the Reading About Donald Trump book for early readers – does make you wonder if there isn't at least a modicum of self-awareness on display. [Keep and Bear via HP]