Faroe Islands Pities Our Mobile Networks and Offers to Help With 5G

By Gary Cutlack on at

Niche island mobile provider Faroese Telecom clearly knows how to get telephones working in the middle of the sea, hence it's offering to establish a 5G network up in Orkney and Shetland for the benefit of locals.

Faroese Telecom has met with Shetland's council over the plan, which would introduce 100 per cent 5G coverage to the islands, although there's a significant stumbling block in that FT would need to be issued with a new form of regional operator license from the government and Ofcom to run its services in the UK, which sounds rather unlikely to happen inside a decade.

Maggie Sandison from Shetland's council said: "They discussed a proposal that could offer improvement to mobile coverage in Shetland – 100 per cent 5G. Improving both mobile and broadband services is a political priority for the council and we understand community priority so would support any project which would improve digital connectivity quickly for our community."

The reason the state-owned Faroese operator can do this is because it already has a subsea fibre optic cable running out to service its own needs, which just so happens to stop off at Shetland and Orkney and could therefore be wired up to provide more than enough backhaul to service a local network of 5G masts. [Shetland News via Techradar]