Follow the Range Rovers of the Future, They Know When the Lights are Changing

By Gary Cutlack on at

This idea has the ring of something that would have been demonstrated on Tomorrow's World in 1983 inside an Austin Montego, but Jaguar Land Rover seems to think it's new and only possible thanks to today's connectivity options. It foresees a time in the future when the Jags and the Range Rovers are able to tell their drivers how fast to go in order to hit the next set of traffic lights bang on green. Bang on. A life changer for men with suit jackets hanging in the back.

Oh but of course we don't have the infrastructure or the smart cars to make it possible yet, although JLR says it's testing a bespoke system inside an F-Pace right now in and around its West Midlands engineering hotbed, one that uses Vehicle-to-Infrastructure tech to tell cars what's happening down the road. The idea is the sort of thing every bored car driver has imagined; your car's speedo says drive at about 30 along this bit and the next lights should be green and you won't have to slow down and risk getting mugged.

This involves cars speaking to each other and traffic lights broadcasting their status and probably algorithms to work out the likely tailbacks at each junction, so it's quite the complicated job. But the idea is the Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory system might be a £900 or so optional extra on JLR's cars in five years' time or thereabouts, hence the engineers are pretending it'll happen at full power imagination. [Jaguar Land Rover via Autocar]