Forget Giant Pigs in Blankets, Aldi's Onto Something With a Triple-Sausage Variety

By Tom Pritchard on at

Pigs in blankets were never a thing in my house, but they're very Christmassy. To the point where damn near everyone has developed some sort of comfortable pig product for the Christmas season. Aldi already has the giant pigs in blankets making a return, and now it's announced a triple-sausage variety is on the way.

Who needs the world's biggest pig in blanket when you can have Aldi's pyramid of sausage wrapped in bacon? You'll have to wait until 16th December before you can go out and get your hands on them, but they only cost £2.99 a pack - the same as the foot-long pigs in blankets that are set to go on sale on 6th December.

Of course if you need your Pigs-in-blankets fix now, you can always go out and buy the tea variety from Sainsbury's, the crisps from Tesco, or just go and make your own. It's sausage and bacon, they're really not that hard to make. []