Get Ready: Argos's Proper Black Friday Deals Arrive at 9pm Tonight

By Tom Pritchard on at

Like most retailers Argos is very keen on getting your Black Friday business. That's why it's already launched a bunch of different deals for you to enjoy before the festivities (if you can call them that) begin. It's probably also the reason why its kicking off its proper Black Friday sales at 9pm tonight, and not midnight.

Apparently 9-10 pm on Thursday 24th November was Argos's busiest Black Friday period last year, which makes sense because it launched all of last year's deals at that time. It's also in the middle of that lull between dinner and when sensible people go to bed, and bargain hunting is probably a lot more interesting than watching repeats of Live at the Apollo on Dave. Especially if it's one of the ones with Michael McIntyre in it.

We don't know what deals are coming, but you know when to look. Sadly there's no new kitten livestream this year, only porn-friendly shower curtains. Simply head over to the Black Friday page and wait with anticipation.