Google Adds Tool to Search Stock of Local Shops

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google has come up with a partnership that might stop people branding it evil for quite so much of the time, as it's to start incorporating hyperlocal shop stock information from NearSt within its ubiquitous search results.

NearSt's big thing is that it lets local retailers connect their systems to a search engine, so if a man's looking for an important book about brutalist architecture or has an emergency need for a Haynes manual for a type of car last made in 2011, it might be possible to find one within walking distance instead of doing the usual internet ordering thing. And you may therefore consider yourself a small knight in casual attire, riding to the rescue of the high street, with your shield of physical presence and sword of real money. Treat yourself to a coffee while you're out there, why not, and imagine it is the blood of a humbled multinational.

NearSt co-founder Nick Brackenbury told The Bookseller: "We work with about 60 shops across the UK now. In the last four to five weeks, when we went nationwide, we’ve had about another 20 to 25 come on board. We have a bookshop in Orkney, The Orcadian Bookshop, as well as London stores so literally we have the length and breadth of the country." [The Bookseller]

Image credit: Unsplash