Government Climate Committee Says Let's Go Back to Being a Nice Forest

By Gary Cutlack on at

Maybe we should stop trying to compete with the world and go back to eating things that hang low down on trees is the sort-of conclusion reached by the UK's official governmental Committee on Climate Change, which actually says we should put the brakes on agriculture and double our efforts to reforest the land.

This would involve some fairly hefty reworking of the country's entire farming system, but seeing as all of the laws of the nation seem to be heading into the bin anyway, we might as well. The CCC says fundamental reform of our land is needed to battle the menace of climate change, hence we might like to start thinking about repairing those much maligned old peat bogs, and we should definitely double tree planting rates ASAP, both to lock up a bit of carbon and help mitigate the near future's apocalyptic weather patterns by lessening the effects of flooding.

We should start thinking of our land as a "natural store for carbon" rather than neat rows of the plants they make Weetabix out of, with the CCC saying an ultimate ambition of increasing the UK's tree cover from the 13 per cent it is now to 19 per cent by 2050 ought to be the minimum effort we put in to offset our national carbon output. [CCC via Guardian]