GPs Told to Prescribe an Appreciation of the Arts Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

The plan to prescribe more social activities and walks to relieve some of the burden faced by the NHS is to be expanded, with the health secretary saying he's to encourage doctors to tell people to endure some "arts" and then, perhaps, after watching some godawful play for two-and-a-half hours, their problems won't seem to bad.

Health secretary Matt Hancock is to reveal his ideas for more "social prescribing" in a speech he's to give to the King's Fund health charity today, where he'll send shares in Spotify rocketing, by explaining: "Music can help people with dementia... it can reduce the need for restraints and help dementia patients and their families cope better with symptoms. Personal playlists could offer a simple solution."

Which would be nice if it means we can get a £7.99 streaming subscription from the doctor. Even trips to the theatre might be put on the medication books in the future, as Hancock adds that: "Access to the arts improves people's mental and physical health," saying it makes the general public "happier and healthier" when they're exposed to stuff like paintings and opera. Not pantomime, though. Pantomime makes things seem worse. [The Times]

Image credit: Unsplash