Green Tuesday Is The Environmentalist's Answer To Black Friday

By Holly Brockwell on at

If you're feeling a bit grossed out by the consumerist excesses of the shopping bonanza that is Black Friday encouraging us to fill our tiny, overpriced homes with more things we don't need, Green Tuesday might be the day for you.

Four days after Black Friday on the 27th of November, Green Tuesday is designed to "encourage people to recycle the old tech they have lying around at home in time for Christmas and do their bit to help reduce electronic waste."

Invented by the independent phone comparison site Compare and Recycle, Green Tuesday does somewhat put us at risk of every day of the week having a colour (Black Friday, Blue Monday, Green Tuesday...), but it's a laudable initiative nonetheless.

Matthew Moreton, Managing Director at Compare and Recycle, explains:

"Green Tuesday aims to inspire people to make good use of their end-of-life gadgets so they can be re-used, repaired or recycled. Whilst we are familiar with lots of types of recycling, such as plastics and glass, when it comes to electronics there is very little in the way of encouragement to recycle IT devices correctly.

This is why we are encouraging an annual clear out following Black Friday, the biggest consumer event of the year. Whether new tech is being bought as a Christmas gift or people are just treating themselves to a bargain this is a great time to recycle your unwanted gadgets. Take action now and don’t forget – responsible recycling is expected from us all year round."

We definitely think people need a prompt to regift, recycle or otherwise reuse their old tech, but four days after Black Friday probably isn't the time to do it. The news quagmire that is January would make more sense: we're not all scrambling to buy Christmas presents and get all our work done for the year, and could do with the money we'd get back from selling old tech to recycling sites.

Still, if it gets a few people to clear out their tech drawers, we're all for it.