Grimsby Ranked Worst Place for Pretty Much Everything

By Gary Cutlack on at

We find it hard to believe there's a worst place in the country than Blackpool, but apparently there is according to researchers from the Royal Society for Public Health. And it is Grimsby. Poor old Grimsby.

The RSPH ranked a whole load of UK cities using a scale that measure what it describes as the "health" of the local area, using metrics that rank high streets according to what sort of businesses they house. Closed shop fronts, betting shops, tanning salons, payday loan lenders and junk food outlets are the bad things that earn high streets poor marks, and unfortunately for Grimsby those are the main things it has to offer its people when they hit the town, hence it provably being the unhealthiest place in the country. Or at least having what people who probably haven't been there believe to be an "unhealthy" environment for generally being in.

When the people from the RSPH looked, 27 per cent of Grimsby's high street shops were closed, with more of the undesirable premises of the bookies, the fryers and the tanners surviving. A healthy high street, such as that of the deemed-healthiest high streets of Edinburgh, should have a mixture of pubs, museums, libraries, dentists and leisure options, so you go home happy instead of ripped off and greasy.

And while it is a bit funny to laugh at poor old Grimsby, the sad truth is that the average life expectancy for people in the least healthy parts of the UK is two and a half years less than it is for those living in the most fortunate spots. [RSPH [PDF] via Guardian]

Image credit: Wikipedia