Here are All the Best OnePlus 6T Deals You Can Get in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

Many places may have opened up pre-orders for the OnePlus 6T last week, but the phone itself wasn't actually going on sale until today. If you've read the reviews, seen the fancy new fingerprint scanner, and decided you want one for yourself, you're probably wondering where you can get the best deal. Well we've been doing some research, and below you will find a list of all the retailers and networks that are stocking the phone - plus some of the deals and perks you can get along with it.



The simplest, and most obvious place to look is the place that has been stocking OnePlus devices ever since the launch of the OnePlus One five years ago. Yes I'm talking about the OnePlus store. Sales open up at 9am today, letting you purchase an unlocked phone to use on whatever network you damn well please. Prices start at £499 for the 6/128GB variant, with the 8/128GB and 8/256GB variants costing £529 and £579 respectively.

It also means you can bundle up with OnePlus accessories, including extra fast chargers, cases, and the USB-C Bullets earbuds. Buying something that pricey means you can qualify for free shipping, though you should be aware that OnePlus devices are distributed internationally - so the free shipping option may take a while to get here.

Just be aware that the OnePlus site is likely to crash when the phones go on sale, and getting your order in may take some patience.


If you'd rather get the phone from someone a bit closer to home, you can always opt to buy from Amazon. The prices are exactly the same as those on the OnePlus website, but the major difference is that they're eligible for that sweet Prime delivery. All the RAM/storage and colour options are there, though the downside is none of the official OnePlus-made accessories are available.

John Lewis

Like Amazon John Lewis is selling all four possible OnePlus 6T variants for the same price as the OnePlus store, though the advantage to buying here is that you automatically get a two year guarantee thrown in at no extra cost. Free delivery could take up to five days to arrive (*groan*) but you can opt for the free Click & Collect option to get it the next day - you just have to go to a John Lewis or Waitrose store to pick it up.

Next day Collect+ collection is available too, but that costs £3.50. Still, it's cheaper than regular next day delivery, and Collect+ shops are a lot more abundant than John Lewis and Waitrose.


OnePlus 6T With Carphone Warehouse

The advantage to buying from Carphone Warehouse is that you can see deals from all three networks that will be selling the 6T in one big list. Which is a good thing, as is the fact you are able to see the total cost of getting the phone on the standard two year contract. Interestingly the deals aren't necessarily the same as those available from the networks, and it means you can get the phone on the Three-powered iD network.

The 6 and 8GB RAM models are both available from Carphone Warehouse, though the 256GB storage option is mysteriously absent. Even weirder, though, is that the 6GB and 8GB models both seem to have the exact same prices across the board, so that's worth bearing in mind before you make any decisions.

The cheapest deal is on iD, which seems obvious when you think about it, and offers 1GB of data, 500 minutes, and unlimited texts for £24 a month and £200 up front. The cheapest Vodafone deal gets you 4GB of data, plus unlimited calls and minutes, in exchange for £23 a month and £300 up front. O2 is the same price, though they give you a lesser 3GB of data and 1000 minutes instead. EE wants £25 a month and £300 up front, and it'll give you the same 4GB of data and unlimited calls and texts as Vodafone. That said it also offers thee months of BT Sport and 6 months of Apple Music. All three of those deals are Carphone exclusives and aren't available from the networks directly.

The priciest 8/128GB deal is from Vodafone, with 42GB of data, unlimited calls and texts, plus a free 24 months subscription to the Red Entertainment streaming services That costs £57 a month and £10 up front. That said, if you're willing to forgo the streaming subscription, paying £56 a month (and £10 up front) will boost your data allowance to 100GB a month. I know which one I'd take to be honest.

The most expensive EE deal is £48 a month, with £10 upfront, and packs 50GB of data, unlimited calls and texts, three months of BT sport, and six months of Apple Music in. As for O2 you can get 100GB of data for £45 a month and £10 up front, which is considerably cheaper than buying the same deal directly.

OnePlus 6T on EE

EE doesn't have all the OnePlus 6T phones, instead stocking the 256GB model and a 128GB model. It's not immediately clear which version the 128GB model is, since EE didn't specify the RAM, but customer support informed me that it's the model with 6GB of RAM.

The cheapest way to get the 6/128GB model is £39 a month with £50 up front. That comes with 1GB of data, unlimited calls and texts, and three months of BT Sport. The most expensive is £58 a month, with £50 up front, and gets you 60GB of data, unlimited calls and texts, plus 24 months of BT Sport.

If you want the 256GB model the cheapest deal you'll get on EE is £44 a month for 24 months, with £60 up front. That gets you 1GB of data, plus unlimited calls and texts.That also gives you three months of BT Sport and faster 4G speeds. The priciest deal is £63 a month, with £60 up front, which comes with 60GB of data, unlimited calls and texts, and 24 months of BT Sport. Again that includes faster 4G speeds, because EE seems to own all the spectrum.

Extra EE Perks

EE isn't one for giving out extra perks with its deals, seemingly feeling as though those free months of BT Sport and faster data are enough.

OnePlus 6T on O2

After all those years of exclusivity, you can be damn sure O2 wasn't willing to give up the OnePlus brand that easily. So the 6T is available, and as with most big-name phones you can customise your contract however you see fit. That includes data allowances, up front payments, and contract length, all of which will fact into how much you pay each month. Of course that's not for everyone.

The main issue with O2 is that it isn't selling all the variants. The 8/128GB model is nowhere to be seen, so if you want 8GB of RAM you'll need to get the extra storage option. But that does make looking at prices that bit easier, and the cheapest deal available on both is a 36 month contract with 1GB of data, plus unlimited calls and texts, for £34.09 a month and £100 up front. That rises to £36.39 for the 256GB model. The priciest is £50.75 a month (£52.78 for the 256GB model), with 100GB of data, unlimited calls and texts, and a £40 upfront payment. Again that's a 36 month contract.

O2 also gives you the option of paying off your phone in full, and wants £535/£618 for that privilege. Why anyone would do that, when the phone itself is cheaper unlocked, is unclear, but at least you have that option. Under those terms the 100GB plan costs £37 a month, and the 1GB plan costs £22. Both of them are rolling monthly contracts.

Perks with O2

O2 being O2 they're trying to make it easy to upgrade, though it doesn't look as though the 6T is available on refresh plans right now. But it's been promised that anyone hoping to upgrade to a new device simply needs to pay off the rest of the handset, which I'm assuming will also be the case if you want to upgrade from the phone in a year or two. Similarly existing customers can upgrade without having to pay the upfront charge, even on the cheaper deals.

You also get all the usual Priority perks, and the option to 'Flex' (ie change) your data plan once a month. Some of the pricier plans also come with the 'Popcorn Pass' that gets you 40 per cent off cinema tickets - though you need to have bought before 7th November to be eligible. That's a bit of a tight squeeze, but hey.

OnePlus 6T on Vodafone

Like O2, Vodafone doesn't offer all the different OnePlus 6T variants. Instead it only has the 8/128GB Mirror Black model, which is a shame for those people with their heart set on Midnight Black. But hey, life goes on.

The cheapest plan available is £23 a month with £257 up front, and comes with a pathetic 250MB of data, 250 minutes, and unlimited texts. If you;re on a budget that may seem fine, but honestly you don't want that. The cheapest deal with a more reasonable amount of data included is £30 a month (for 24 months) with £179 up front. That gets you 1GB of data plus unlimited calls and texts, and while that's not great at least 1GB is usable.

The most expensive plan is £55 a month with £29 upfront, which gets you 60GB of data plus unlimited calls and texts. This also comes with 500 international minutes and 24 months of a streaming subscription of your choice: including Amazon Prime Video, Now TV, Spotify, and Sky Sports Mobile.

Perks on Vodafone

The main perks to be had here are for those buying a Red Entertainment plan - getting you a set number of months access to Amazon Prime Video, Sky Sports Mobile TV, Spotify Premium, or NOW TV's Entertainment Pass. Until 8th January Vodafone is also giving away a free six month Now TV Entertainment Pass to anyone who chooses Sky Sports Mobile.