Here are EE's Last Minute Black Friday Deals, But They're Still Not as Good as That Free Nintendo Switch Offer

By Tom Pritchard on at

While I may seem like a broken record for bringing up the fact EE gave away a free Nintendo Switch with certain phone contracts, as part of its early Christmas deals, you have to admit it was a very good deal. Such a good deal, in fact, that none of the network's other deals seemed nearly as good by comparison. But sadly there are only so many free games consoles in the world, and saving money is probably the next best thing.

So here are a few more deals you can take advantage as part of EE's Black Friday sales:

  • Save £300 on the Samsung Galaxy S9, with the upfront cost dropping down to just £50. You'll need to pick a £33 a month deal, with 4GB of data and unlimited calls and texts. This offer is only available until Monday 26th November (aka Cyber Monday) so get it while you can.
  • Save £200 on the Samsung Galaxy S9, dropping the upfront cost down to £50. That plan costs £38 a month, with 4GB of data and unlimited calls and texts. Seems a bit rubbish, compared to the £300 discount, but since this doesn't go live until 27th November it's almost like a punishment for dawdling.
  • Save £120 on the iPhone 8, paying £39 a month (with £50 upfront) for 1GB of data, and unlimited calls and texts
  • You can supposedly save £150 on the Huawei P20, though I can't see any existing deals that make you pay so much upfront. But it's available with 1GB of data, plus unlimited calls and texts.
  • Save £48 on Samsung Tab A 10.1-inch, available for £16 a month with £50 upfront, getting you 2GB of data.
  • Save £264 on the Huawei M5, costing £20 a month with £50 upfront, and getting you 2GB of data in the process.

Those are just the new deals, and obviously there are more of them available online. Make sure to head to EE's Black Friday hub to see them all.