We Might Get Huawei's Folding Phone at MWC 2019

By Holly Brockwell on at

The race to folding phones is on, and it sounds like Huawei is intending to enter the fray sooner rather than later.

We knew they had a 5G folding phone on the way, but a new rumour says we'll be seeing it at Mobile World Congress, the smartphone conference held in Barcelona every February.

At this point, we've officially seen two folding phones: Royole's FlexPai and Samsung's 'Winner' (it doesn't have a proper name yet, though we'd suggest 'Mint' as you'll need one to be able to afford it). Most of the big phone manufacturers have said or hinted that they'll be joining in with the bendy fun, and we wouldn't be surprised if Huawei weren't the only ones (allegedly) unveiling a fold-up phone at MWC.

Samsung's folding phone, briefly shown at their developer conference

Samsung often also debuts its new phones at MWC. The most surprising thing about a February Huawei launch, if it happens, will be that Huawei has said its folding phone will have 5G capability. We're expecting folding phones next year, and we're expecting 5G phones next year, but a folding 5G phone as early as February would be impressive.

Is it true? Is it bobbins? Not long 'til we find out.