Huawei Might Release a Phone With a Camera Hole Before the End of the Year

By Tom Pritchard on at

The age of the notch only kicked off last year, but it seems it may be coming to an end already - replaced by a newer trend that slices a hole in a phone's display. We've already seem rumours that such devices are on the way, particularly from the notch-phobic Samsung, but it seems Huawei might have one ready for release before the end of the year.

As you can see this leak came from Twitter leaker Ice Universe, who's released a lot of accurate info over the past year or so. While there's no evidence that what they say is true, nor that the teaser image posted isn't an elaborate fake, it wouldn't be surprising if Huawei was working to beat Samsung to market. During the release of the P20 Pro took a lot of shots at Samsung's hardware, and while some of them are a bit bizarre it's obvious the Chinese phonemaker is trying to usurp the Korean company's position of dominance.

Plus there were those old rumours that Huawei was trying to rush out a foldable phone in the hopes of beating Samsung to market, and claiming the coveted 'world first' title for itself - despite claims to the contrary. That didn't work out so well, but there's still time to try and beat Samsung to the punch.

We probably don't have to wait long to find out anyway, seeing as how there are only 34 days left in 2018 - and Huawei would be daft to announce between Christmas and New Year. We'll keep you updated as and when we get news on this. [Ice Universe via Android and Me]