Looks Like The UK Could Finally Get Hulu

By Holly Brockwell on at

One of the dead giveaways that a US service is lazily using the same images for its streaming service in the UK as the US is the inclusion of the Hulu logo. The popular streaming service offers episodes of big-name TV shows including Lost, South Park and Battlestar Galactica plus a tonne of original content, but it's never been available on these shores.

That looks like it might change, though, with the news that Disney's bought 21st Century Fox's entertainment, including a controlling stake in Hulu. According to Comicbook, this means "Hulu will likely be offered internationally" after the deal completes next year.

This is great news for those of us in the UK who are truly sick of reading about something cool on Reddit or another US-centric web service (that'll be most of them, then) only to ask where to get it, and be told "it's on Hulu." This is usually followed by a wry UK comment along the lines of "Try the popular streaming service known as [insert name of dodgy torrent site here]" – most of us are more than willing to pay for content, it's just there's often no legal way to do that. Which is silly.

Of course, the fact that Hulu itself might come here isn't a guarantee that we'd get all of its content: licensing deals will still have to be negotiated, and some titles might fall by the legal wayside. But with Disney's muscle and several continents' worth of potential paying subscribers, we're hopeful they can work something out.

Main image: Hulu via Facebook