Humans Do Stuff When Cars Are Kicked Out of High Streets

By Gary Cutlack on at

Transport for London has conducted some research that shows everything Transport for London has been doing recently was a great idea, which is quite fortunate for everyone concerned at Transport for London.

The data covers what's been happening in the city streets where cycling and pedestrian provision has been improved at the expense of cars, and gor-blimey-mayor if it doesn't show that humans prefer to hang out in places where cars generally aren't. Specifically, the numbers show a massive 93 per cent increase in footfall in the newly bike-friendly and walker-friendly zones, with general outside human activity covering everything from "sitting on a bench" to "going in a shop" rocketing by over 200 per cent.

Empty shop counts were lower in bike and pedestrian friendly zones and rents were higher, hinting at healthier retailers, and convincing everyone involved that unilaterally making the car bits of the road smaller and the unshielded human bits wider is definitely a good idea that London's going to continue with regardless of if you like your car or not.

Will Norman who is London's Walking and Cycling Commissioner, said: "The evidence is clear -- adapting our streets to enable more people to walk and cycle makes them cleaner, healthier and more welcoming, which encourages more people to shop locally. The benefits of designing streets around pedestrians and cyclists and reducing car use can be enjoyed by everyone and will help ensure the future of our high streets." [Transport for London]

Image credit: Unsplash