Iceland Not Against Using Orangutans for Publicity Purposes Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

Iceland, international friend, spokesperson for and protector of the orangutans all of a sudden, has decided it's now a great idea to parade an orangutan around the UK's cities for our amusement, seeing as the fuss about the rebranded Greenpeace palm oil advert went significantly viral this week. But it's OK, no need to fire up in a rage; it's an animatronic orangutan.

Yes, to celebrate gaining unbuyable amounts of internet publicity because Clearcast said it couldn't show its anti-palm oil advert on the telly, Iceland is running a stunt where it positions a robotic orangutan around the UK. It is probably supposed to make us think.

Presumably this is/was all part of the plan, as you can't knock up an animatronic orangutan in three days, surely? After a short stint in some London parks and a brief appearance on Oxford Street, this robotic thing will head to Iceland branches around the country, with the story being that it's searching for a home. Because people's propensity to smear Nutella on everything now means palm oil producers have burnt down its old one. [Iceland via Guardian]