Inkvite Is The Writing App For The WhatsApp Generation

By Holly Brockwell on at

Getting started with writing can be overwhelming. A blank page, no word count and a bajillion ideas fighting for precedence.

A creative writing app called Inkvite is providing a different way for young people (especially, but anyone's welcome) to collaborate on short stories through their phones.

Described by the BBC as "making writing less lonely," Inkvite lets writers collaborate by writing 240 characters (the length of a tweet) at a time. When you've added your bit, someone else picks up the thread and the whole thing eventually becomes a short story.

While it's obviously not for everyone, the app seems like a great idea for lowering the barriers to getting started. So many of us feel like we've got stories to tell, but just don't know where to begin.

Writing a paragraph at a time is a low-risk way of practising, plus you get feedback and comments from other writers to help you shape and improve your work.

We reckon this will be one of many apps and platforms that bring the quick-fire, collaborative, thread-based and more casual environment of social media to creative pursuits. Platforms like Twitter and WhatsApp have got us all used to group chat and communicating in small chunks – turning those chunks into additive bits of creativity might be the way future novels and even artistic masterpieces come to be.

Or it might result in badly-written fanfiction and a bunch of memes. Probably both. Gotta love the internet.