Kellogg's Agrees to Publicly Shame its Own Breakfast Ranges

By Gary Cutlack on at

Grain homogeniser Kellogg's has agreed, belatedly, to join in with the government's push to better inform people about the content of the thing from the box they're about to eat, and will start putting the coloured "traffic light" fat/sugar/salt warnings on its cereal boxes from next January. Better tell the printers to get more red ink in.

The government's traffic light early warning system is entirely voluntary, mind, so it's not like millions of boxes of Coco Pops were in danger of being recalled and pulped. Kellogg's says it's doing this now because it's been listening to the demands of its buyers, funnily enough, and the people are saying the current nutritional information system of percentages and recommended intakes is a bit too much to take in at breakfast time.

Kellogg's currently games the existing nutritional information system a little by displaying it in monochrome on the front of its packs (see above), assuming children carefully weigh out 30g of the product then add the sugars consumed to the spreadsheet containing the day's total. A big red blob might make them wonder, for a couple of seconds, if they might instead be better off with the grim porridge mum's making from a recipe a clean-eating influencer shared. [BBC]