We're Getting A Lego Masters Christmas Special

By Holly Brockwell on at

We might not be getting a Doctor Who Christmas special this year (the Doctor's gone for New Year instead), but Lego fans will be treated to an extra, Christmassy, celebrity-packed episode of Lego Masters instead.

It's not long since series 2 of the brick-building supercompetition started (replacing Great British Bake Off in the schedules), but apparently us viewers have been good enough for Lego Santa to award us an all-star hour-long edition at a date and time yet to be confirmed by Channel 4.

Host Melvin Odoom will be bringing back six of the junior builders from series 1 and 2 to team up with six celebrities to see who will be crowned the winner of Bricksmas.

Back on our screens will be Jack from series 1, who's paired up with comedian Rob Beckett. Best friends Guy and Abraham, also from series 1, will be working with lovable cock-er-nee Joe Swash and comedian Joe Dommett. Izzy from series 2 will be working with Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews, Jayden (also from series 2) will be working with Tattoo Fixers' Alice Perrin, and the 9-year-old legend that is series 2's Harry will be working with the incredible Warwick Davis.

Imagine building Lego with Filius Flitwick. We die.

The challenges on offer will all have a festive flavour, and will apparently include "individual tests of creativity, head-to-head challenges and tests of teamwork under the watchful eye of judges Matthew Ashton and Fran Scott."

There's a special Christmas trophy on offer for the winning team, which we haven't seen but we're hoping is a massive and completely impractical, fully-decorated Christmas tree made entirely from Lego. Imagine taking that home on the bus.

We'll update when we have a date and time for the Christmas special, but in the meantime, consider us thoroughly brickcited.