Lego Officially Unveils The Upcoming Overwatch Sets

By Kim Snaith on at

We got a good look at Lego's Overwatch sets a couple of weeks ago thanks to a leak, but now Lego has finally revealed them itself – along with a release date. There are six sets altogether, all of which will be available on 1st January. A nice little new year treat for yourself, perhaps?

Here's each of the sets, along with their number of pieces and UK price:

75970 Tracer vs. Widowmaker - 129 pieces, £12.99

75971 Hanzo vs. Genji - 197 pieces, £24.99

75972 Dorado Showdown - 419 pieces, £29.99

75973 D.Va & Reinhardt - 455 pieces, £34.99

75974 Bastion - 602 pieces, £54.99

75975 Watchpoint: Gibraltar - 730 pieces, £79.99

As expected, the prices are mostly in line with the leaked US pricing, with a few anomalies. Watchpoint: Gibraltar is $90 or £80 – yet Hanzo vs. Genji is $20 or £25. As always, Lego price conversions make little sense. Still, each of these six sets looks pretty nice – especially if you're an Overwatch fan. I'm not, but my love of Lego might be strong enough to convince me to buy one or two of them anyway...

The Overwatch Lego sets are available to view now on the Lego website, where you can add them to your 'wishlist'. They'll be available to buy from 1st January.